Good Monday Morning!

Good morning! Isn’t it wonderful to have a four-day weekend? I am feeling so relaxed . And yet I feel that I have accomplished so much at the same time! On Friday Kelly and I loaded up everything that we had set aside for a garage sale and donated it to the annual diabetes fundraiser. This is a giant garage sale where all proceeds go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. We took over an entire pick-up truck load. Honestly, I don’t think we could have crammed one more thing in! I hope it earns a few dollars towards a very good cause. And the second good cause is that I don’t have to pack it up and move it! Yay!

Friday evening we headed out to the cabin in hopes of a clear night or two so that Kelly could set up his scopes. No luck. It clouded over minutes after we arrived. Seems this happens to us a lot! We spent Saturday relaxing. I read a book and worked on my orange peel quilt. I only have eight more squares to applique and I am loving the super scrappy-ness. I don’t think it will be long now!


I took my sister’s quilt out with me, too, with hopes of getting an entire frame segment quilted…but I forgot to take the quilting thread! Arrgh! It’s a lot of work to pack that big quilt up and haul it around with me, so I wasn’t too happy with myself. But then, I did get an awful lot done on the orange peel quilt, so it’s 6 of one and half a dozen of the other and I’m happy with my handiwork.

Remember the knee socks I knit for Amber last month?






Well, I had an itty bitty bit of wool left over, and so I decided to try knitting an itty bitty pair of socks. Aren’t they sweet? And no, I don’t have a new-born to give them to, but someday I will! (aaak! not mine! I’m a fair bit beyond that ability, lol!). I mean that someday I am sure someone I know will announce a new arrival, and then I will be prepared!



Last month I started a new project. I had an afternoon of play in my sewing room – an afternoon of no expectations. No bee blocks to make. No BOM blocks to make. Just me and my cutting board and my fabric stash and a whole lotta ideas & patterns to sort through. An afternoon where I could do or make anything I wanted. Anything at all! Luxury indeed! And what did I make? Chinese Lanterns!  I started something and I’m not sure what it will end up as, but OH, I am full of ideas and plans!



Yesterday Number One Son came over for spaghetti, and I made chocolate chip peanut butter cookies for dessert. Oh, Yum! Aaaak diet!

And what am I going to do today?  Today is a homework day for the creative writing class I’m taking on Wednesday nights. I have to do a critique on a piece written by a classmate (a really good scarey short story) and I have to work on revisions to two pieces that are due in two weeks. I don’t have a lot of time, so today is for tea and writing. There’s so much happy creativity going on around here, I can hardly breathe for the joy of it!

What are YOU doing on this marvelous Monday?

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Two things for show and tell!

001Last year I did the In Color Order 1/2-triangle-square block of the month, and last weekend I finally sewed all the squares together! I added three extras to make a long, skinny quilt for the back of the couch. Perfect to snuggle under with a bowl of popcorn and a good movie. I will be putting borders on eventually – I need to take it to the quilt shop and audition a few fabrics. I’m thinking of a yellow batik. What do you think?

And I got presents! Wonderful Mr. C (that’s “C” for charming, don’t ‘cha know!) brought home these!


The charm packs are Bella Solids for my orange peel quilt, and the jelly rolls are 2wentyThr33 by Eric and Julie Comstock and Boho by Urban Chick. Just because he loves me. I love him too (but not just because he buys me fabric, lol!)

How was your Saturday?

Creative Update

I have been feeling quite guilty about not posting anything for pretty nearly an entire month! Lots has been going on, but since today is Wednesday, I want to do an update on what I’ve been up to in the sewing room and leave everything else for another day. Maybe even tomorrow!

wonky log cabinI participate in a couple of on-line bees.  Unfortunately, I can’t post the photos here because I put them into Flickr and then deleted them! I didn’t realize that you cannot copy and past from Flickr!  Only one survived the deleting – a wonky log cabin I made for the 3×6 bee:


Remember the 018valentine quilt I made for Because you Matter? I delivered it to the social worker and it has been given a new home with a little girl who loves the colour pink. That makes me so happy!


033I also finished my first pair of  knee-high socks, I made them for Kelly’s cousin Amber to keep here feet warm at night. Since she had the stroke, she finds that the circulation in her feet is very poor and she is always cold at night.

038 044





January was my month in the We Bee Canadian group, and I picked a bow tie block done in gardening fabrics. Those, plus some extra’s from my friend Dee and also several I made myself resulted in this top – I love it!!!


And last but not least, here is another Because You Matter top, with squares donated by the wonderful and generous quilters over at Quilts for Kids.


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