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I thought it would be handy to put links to various posts relating to dance education in one place for you!

The Bellydancer in My Life, part 1

The Bellydancer in My Life, part 2

When  Those who Can’t…Teach

Using Vehicles for Solo Entrances

Teaching Thoughs: Improvisation


How Long Does it Take to Learn Bellydance?

10 Years of Hafla!

Warming Up for Dance Class

What can a Troupe Learn from Judy Garland?

Choreographer’s Notes: The SYIDA connection

You Charge WHAT?

The Struggling Student

Aunt Rocky

Bellydance Floorwork & Upward Plank Pose




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  1. gloria621 says:

    Hi. What was the name of the East Indian dance troupe we had a workshop with? And year?
    I’m glad to see you are still doing well. Gloria Hockley

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