I have decided to take a temporary retirement from teaching while I recharge my batteries and nurture some of my other interests.

Good gardeners know that they must occasionally rotate crops or let the soil lie fallow in order to rejuvenate and replenish it for a new growing season. So it is with artists.

Meanwhile, I am still available for private lessons & performance coaching and am interested in occasional solo performances.

“Technique is what you need to do to dance well. Style is everything else you do when you dance.”~ David Barker

  • Private Lessons


 One-on-one private lessons are ideal for those whose schedule prevents them from enrolling in regular on-going classes, those who want extra instruction or need a little extra help in addition to classes, for those who want performance coaching or help with a choreography or special topic.


  • Introduction to Bellydance/ Level I Fundamentals

(for introductory and beginner level dancers)

No prior dance experience necessary! Women of all ages and sizes are invited to join me in sweat and laughter as we discover the beautiful dancer in each one of you! The focus of this class is on having fun as you are introduced to and become familiar with the basic foundation movements of Egyptian Oriental bellydance, developing core strength, body awareness & self acceptance in the process. This class is for those brand new to bellydance, those working on mastering the basic skills before moving into more advanced classes, and dancers of all levels who want to brush up on the essential basics.

Click for: Level I Fundamentals Movement Curriculum

  • Special Topics

Each week we will take an in-depth look at a different topic or technique related to Oriental dance. For example, in the first week we may focus intently on Oriental port de bra, including hand & arm gestures. Week 2 may find us examining & drilling a hip movement from its fundamental right up to crazy; and in week 3 we may study famous dancers and their signature movements or learn Turkish 9/8 in a killer-ziller class.  The focus of this class is to really dig in deep and explore the richness of the dance: its culture, history & powerful physical technique. You will come away with a deeper understanding of the art, improved technique, and a few fun combinations put to music.  This course is for experienced beginners as well as intermediate & advanced dancers, each working at their own level. (Note: this is NOT an introductory course.) Students are expected to have a minimum of 1 semester of Fundamentals I or equivalent bellydance training.

  • Repertory Class

Repertory class is for those dancers who want the challenge of learning advanced group choreography in a rehearsal setting. Multiple pieces of choreography will be taught in various styles, and these dances will become part of Saba’s performance repertoire. Stylistic influences and theatrical adaptations of Middle Eastern folkloric and contemporary Oriental dances, the contributions of famous dancers, composers and choreographers, performance skills, musicality, etc will be looked at according to the choreographies being rehearsed. We will learn new choreography and re-examine previously learned pieces, polishing to an exacting standard. This class will provide learning opportunities for existing troupe dancers as well as a method for aspiring troupe dancers to work their way into the troupe in a natural & progressive manner. Students who are not current members of Saba will be given the opportunity to audition their learned-in-class pieces for possible performances with Saba. Repertory class is meant to compliment the technical training acquired through the level 2 & 3 syllabuses and students are expected to be dancing comfortably at the upper-intermediate level. Entrance by permission of instructor.

  • Level II Fundamentals: Not offered this term
    Click for: Level II Fundamentals Movement Curriculum
  • Level III Beyond the Basics: not offered this term.
    Click for: Beyond the Basics Movement Curriculum
  •  Troupe Rehearsal

Troupe will meet from 8:45 – 9:30 following the repertory class for the purpose of running through & keeping on top of old material and preparing for any upcoming performances. In addition, we will meet for Sunday rehearsals on an as-needed basis (when preparing for a theatre show, for example).

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