Ahlan wa Salan! Welcome!

As a teacher, my hearts’ desire is two-fold: to offer you a well-rounded education in Egyptian-style bellydance and to help you discover yourselves as dancers. To me this means building a strong foundation in good technique, experiencing the joy that dance brings into our lives, reaping the benefits of improved body image and self esteem, laughing and having fun together.

Adults of all ages and sizes are invited to join me in sweat and laughter as we discover the beautiful dancer in each one of you!

My focus is on teaching a Middle Eastern bellydance movement vocabulary, specifically the Egyptian Oriental (Raqs Sharqi) style. To this end, all of my classes include the following elements:

  • Technique: working towards mastery by the introduction, breakdown & practice of  Egyptian bellydance movements
  • Artistry: including creative elements such as improvisation, choreography, musicality & regional styles
  • Knowledge: providing depth & richness by including history, culture, music & costuming information

There are no age or size restrictions in bellydance. Whoever you are, whatever your background, you’ll find that this is an enriching and joyful dance form that everyone can do!  Fitness, fun & friendship – bellydance is good for the mind, body and soul. Make bellydance a part of your healthy lifestyle and sign up for a class!

I look forward to having you join me as we explore the grace, joy and energetic fun of Egyptian Oriental dance.

Happy Shimmies!