Dance Bio

Nita’s passion is Egyptian Oriental dance. She was introduced to the dance as a child, which resulted in a life-long love of Middle Eastern dance arts. While she has dabbled in Western dance forms, her major training has primarily been in Egyptian regional styles.

 Her inspiration lies in the expressive joyfulness of Egyptian music and dance. As teacher, choreographer and perennial student, she loves both traditional and modern forms of Egyptian oriental and folkloric dance and is continually evolving and developing her own personal dance style and projects. In her other life, she has a secretarial day job, a rich family life and enjoys weekends at the lake.

As a dedicated instructor and performer in Whitehorse, Yukon, she offers classes to a broad range of students with a focus on building a strong movement foundation upon which her students can learn and grow. She is proud to watch as they advance and develop into accomplished dancers in their own right. As a choreographer, event organizer and show producer, she has brought internationally known master instructors to Whitehorse for workshops and produced 3 major Middle Eastern dance shows on the YAC theatre stage. She is also the artistic director and rehearsal leader for her dance troupe Saba Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble, which is made up of her senior students. An experienced performer, she is an expressive and creative artist who easily connects with the audience and shares her heart in the celebratory spirit that is Oriental dance.

Believing that one is never finished learning, Nita continues her on-going studies by  traveling each year to study with master dancers & instructors across North America, attending workshops, seminars, master classes, private lessons, professional courses, dance intensives and by working with her extensive video library.  She has trained with Hadia Chouinard, completed Hadia’s three levels of advanced teacher training, completed the level 1 Journey through Egypt folklore course with Sahra Kent, and trained with Yasmina Ramzy of Arabesque Academy in Toronto. Her dedication to the dance form culminated in an invitation to become an affiliate school with Arabesque International of Toronto in January 2008.

“Celebrations Bellydance was chosen to be an Arabesque International affiliate because of Nita’s motives and integrity with regard to his precious and ancient art form. Nita has spent many long and intensive hours studying at Arabesque Academy in Toronto. Her respect for the art form has been evident in her dedication to seeking out a thorough education and her efforts at being a good representative. Once you couple these things with Nita’s natural feeling and execution of the movement, and Saba Middle Eastern Dance Ensemble’s presentation of Bellydance as a respected art form, Celebrations Bellydance was an obvious candidate to join the Arabesque International family.” ~Yasmina Ramzy, Artistic Director Arabesque International

Nita strongly believes in promoting and celebrating cultural diversity, naming her school Celebrations Bellydance as a statement of personal commitment towards celebrating life and building cultural bridges through dance. She was the featured dancer in the Summer 2003 issue of MidBits magazine, and has had articles published in MidBits, Sahda, and Zaghareet magazines.