Because You Matter

What change would you like to see in the world?

I would like to see people treasure and take care of each other for no other reason than that we all matter. I also believe that change begins at home. There is so much need in the world, and it is easy to feel helpless to do anything about it. But there is something that we can do! One small act of kindness can show someone else that they matter.


jellyroll strip quilt for a little girl who lost her home to fire.

How can I be the change that I would like to see? I have given this a lot of thought. In 2012 I started a personal quilting project that I call Because You Matter. The purpose of Because You Matter is to make and give a quilt to a person (mainly kids, but adults too)  who is having a hard time and would be comforted by a handmade quilt to snuggle up in.

007Because everyone needs to know they matter in the world.

Irish Chain quilt donated to the the Salmon Arm RCMP victim services program

I struggled with whether or not to put this page on the website. I’ve come close to taking it off many times, thinking that it’s better to keep my project private. But I keep deciding to leave it up because I want to put the thought into your mind that everyone can do something. Even you!


Big & little wonky stars quilts donated to the the Salmon Arm RCMP victim services program

What can you do? Donate to your local food bank or sponsor a child through international organizations such as Christian Children’s fund or even keep granola bars in your pocket to give to that homeless man sleeping on the corner.


1/2 triangle square quilt donated to Social Services in Whitehorse for a child entering emergency foster care.

Would you like to help me wrap a distressed child in his/her very own snuggle quilt? I will happily accept whatever bright, happy child-appropriate quilt  fabrics, backings or batting that you can spare. (I am currently in need of solid colours for backgrounds and sashings.)

…And I’ll turn it into a snuggle quilt for a child.


teddy bear quilt donated to Social Services in Whitehorse for a child entering emergency foster care.

Do you want to make your own Because You Matter quilt but don’t know where to donate it to? Contact your local social services division and explain your project. The receptionist will be able to transfer you to the unit that looks after child protection. That’s what I did. Or contact your local RCMP or local Police Station’s Victim Services Unit. Local quilt guilds and churches will have ideas for you, too.

Check out what sizes organizations prefer to receive. For example, the social worker in Whitehorse specifically asked me to not donate bed-sized quilts. This makes sense because this social worker takes quilts with her when she goes out on emergency calls. She needed quilts that could be stored easily (in a box under her desk) and portable (grab & go).  and consider…when a child is being removed from a home in distress, s/he wants to clutch a blankie.

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Ring Toss quilt for a little boy who lost his home to fire.

Thank you SO MUCH to my friends who have donated fabric and money for supplies to Because You Matter. We are doing this together, you and I.

Let us all be living examples of what Mahatma Gandhi meant when he said: Be the change you want to see in the world.

6 Responses to Because You Matter

  1. hollybirch says:

    You have inspired me! I am a 46 year old mother of two who retired early and have been a bit lost!! This will be a wonderful project to get involved in!!!

    Thank you!

  2. jeanswenson says:

    I think we may be kindred spirits. When I began my Love Hugs project, it was for a similar reason: my attempt to affect a change in the world. It is a mere ripple on a huge ocean, but with enough of us making ripples, I believe a wave will form.
    Please let me know where I can mail you a quilt for the Hands2Help Charity quilt challenge 2015. If you prefer to contact me directly via email, you can reach me through my blog. ~Jean

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  4. I want to make a string quilt! I just how they scream play, have fun!!

    • PS: Nita, I am so glad you DIDN’T take this outreach information off your blog…as this post inspired me today!!! It also makes me so very happy we met…as I love your heart! Please continue to share your Because You Matter quilts with us!! V

  5. I am glad you have this page up. First, the idea for having granola bars in your pocket is great. Secondly, do you have any suggestions on how to start giving quilts to children in the welfare system? I think this is a very worthwhile activity, but I wouldn’t know what website to go to or what department to call to see if I could do this in my area. Thank you for doing what you do!

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