Boxing Day: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We went for a lovely walk this afternoon up to Margaret Falls in Harold Park. I put a few bits and pieces of film together to create my first One Shuswap Minute for you.

(If you’re viewing on your phone or other device you’ll need to visit the actual website to see the video.)

I started making these a year or so ago, calling them “One Yukon Minute.” They are meant to give you one minute to breathe and relax as you watch. Just one minute. What a gift to give to yourself during a hectic day. Plus, you also get to see a bit of what surrounds me. ♥


The Christmas songs you love to hate

A thread I’ve been following on Facebook prompts me to write this post. You may not thank me, but I humbly offer up what I consider to be the worst Christmas song ever.


It is about a cat that freezes to death on Christmas eve saving the life of a mouse. And Santa arrives too late. Do you believe it? It makes me cry and I hate that because it is such a stupid song.

So tell me…what tops your list for worst Christmas song ever? I’ll make a post dedicated to them.