The rumble of thunder woke us up early. I lay in bed and listened to the rolling echo bounce between the hills across the lake, the rain drumming on the roof. We stayed long in our housecoats, had second cups of coffee, ate leftover dessert for breakfast. Later, when the rain stopped, Mr. C loaded the truck for an errand run to town and I rolled my mat out on the deck, ready for my daily hour of yoga practice, content with only myself for company. More thunder grumbled in the distance, the air fresh and clean and slightly cool, the sky blue and milky-white and blue again.


Company (or whatever you do, don’t get locked in the outhouse)

The deck spilled over with people, an impromptu gathering of friends old and new for a picnic. Some that were invited hadn’t been able to make it. Others brought friends to introduce to us. Everybody came with food…burgers, salmon, a dozen salads, fruit, desserts. The children played in the lake and the dogs ranged between sets of knees, hoping for a handout. Rebekah closed the outhouse door too tightly, causing the hasp to fall, trapping her on the wrong side of the locked door. We were just starting to wonder where she had gotten to when we heard her musical voice calling from the distant side of the yard, “Hello? Hello? Anyone…?” We will laugh about that for years to come. Eventually the children changed into their pajamas and started to yawn. The dogs licked the last plate clean. The sun started to sink toward the northwest and we all realized it was nearly 10:30. Food was packed up, goodbyes said, hugs given, promises made, friends departed.

Temporarily disconnected…

Spending these several weeks out here at the cabin without the internet is both as I expected it to be and not as I expected it to be at the same time. 

I write these blog letters here and save them to post on my next trip to town. So far, my trips to town have been few and far between. And when I get town, I have limited time with the internet…only one hour per day is allowed at the library. A few minutes over a cup of coffee at Tim Hortons. A quick download of email or upload of photos at a friends house and no more, because I want to visit, not disappear into my laptop or iPad. 

And so, I haven’t opened Facebook in a couple of weeks, nor answered very many email notes. I didn’t realize just how big my on-life actually is! I actually have a whole other life there; totally neglected at the moment, but honestly, not really missed.  
Sometimes I write a few email and then send my ipad to town with Mr C so that he can connect to wifi and do a big send/receive for me. (he’s been driving in to do contract work). Most of what comes into my inbox are blogs that I follow. 
That evening, I’ll read what I can, without pictures, because pictures only open if you’re connected. Most posts come in with only the first sentance or two. If it’s tantalizimg enough, I’ll save to read in some future someday where I might find myself with the luxury of both time and internet connection. 
Personal messages are saved or replied to, and then await the next town day to be sent. The rest is delete delete delete. 
On the other hand, I’ve been doing a lot of writing and editing and hand quilting and reading. Life at the lake is very good, indeed!
Right now I’m at Tim Horton’s having an iced coffee and doing my best to catch up. 
If I owe you a letter and you havent heard from me, that’s why. Please be patient, I’m doing my best!