Skirts from Shirts!

Whilst rummaging around in a box the other day, I found some shirts that I had purchased at the Sally Ann in Whitehorse a couple of years ago. I have a vague recollection of plans to cut them up and use them in a quilt. They were both men sizes 2XL.

“Hummmmm” I thought to myself, holding the shirt up to my hips. “I think I could make a skirt out of this!”

020Here is what I did: I cut the shirt off under the arms. Then I turned the raw edge under about 1/4 inch, pressed and then hemmed it. Then I turned that same edge over again about 2 inches, sewed 3 channels, threaded 3 pieces of 1/4″ elastic through and voila! A waist band!

010But when I tried it on, I wasn’t happy because of the shirt tail. It looked like a shirt tied around my waist. So I cut the bottom off so it was even all around, sewed a narrow hem and tried it on again. This time it was too short!

012So I took myself to the fabric store and bought some black lace and some white lace and sewed it onto the bottom.

011Voila! A skirt that I love!

017On to Skirt number Two!043Riding high on my previous success, I decided to tackle the second shirt. However, having learned my lesson about the too-short skirt (and not having any more lace), I dug around in the box some more and unearthed a piece of lime green denim that just happened to match the green in the plaid.

014Again, I cut the shirt off below the arms. Then I made a waistband by cutting the green denim to the right length, folded it over in half and sewed it onto the raw edge of the shirt.007I think a gathered waist makes me look thicker in the middle than I like, so I wanted this skirt to have a flat front instead of a gathered front.

008To do that I sewed 4 channels only around the back (starting and stopping at the side seams). Then I threaded the channels with 1/4″ elastic.

013The original shirt had a straight bottom instead of a shirt-tail bottom, so I didn’t even need to hem it! Bonus!

013Two summer skirts on the cheap! Boo Yeah!





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5 Responses to Skirts from Shirts!

  1. JAN FOZARD says:

    HAHAH SUPER CUTE! I am making ‘bum-warmer’ skirts for the girls out of Sally-Ann sweaters – same idea and there are some wild sweaters out there for inspiration. They wear them over leggings or jeans. Sunny beautiful and windy lately.

  2. SO very clever and so very cute!!! I’d be dancing too!

  3. Kara says:

    Those are both fantastic! You are so creative!

  4. Carol Broughton says:

    Those skirts are great! How clever and creative! Thanks for sharing these tips.

  5. Cindy Smith says:

    So cute !!!! Your a genius 😀

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