Really Random Thursday

For sale just down the road from us….

dumptruck 2A camperized dump truck!

dump truck 1For those guests that just won’t don’t want to leave?

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8 Responses to Really Random Thursday

  1. Heidi says:

    Omg…..too funny

  2. Baaahhhh!!! I am literally laughing outloud and even brought the computer screen to show my husband!!!

  3. citricsugar says:

    ??? Wha??? That’s hilarious and at the same time, I’m compelled to ask “why would anyone…?”

  4. Paula says:

    Maybe this is what I need! I could live life to the hilt, on the tilt 🙂

  5. Nina says:

    This is great! I guess you don’t have to sweep the floor either – just dump the dirt out the back!

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