Fawn Fritzen

Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Fawn Fritzen.

FFritzenWhat Fawn IS and what Fawn HAS are very much the same…a treasure!

024I mean to say that she has treasures in her family, she is my treasured friend, and she, herself, is also a treasure.

Fawn is also a musician. She sings Jazz & Blues in English, French, German and Chinese.

Starbucks-Quote…and here’s a bonus for you! I’ll show you how you can get a FREE .mp3 of one of her recorded songs at the end of this post!

fawn-yi-178-150x150fawn with bass

And I am so happy and proud of my friend!

I just found out that she has been nominated for a Julian Award! The award is offered by the Jazz Spectrum, a weekly show on CJSF 90.1 FM at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C.

To vote for the winner of the Julian Award, follow this link:

It only takes 10 seconds…please vote and help Fawn win this award!

I could listen to Fawn sing all day long and never tire.

1471185_619426131448853_251535213_n…Which is a good thing, because I stayed with Fawn and her family for 5 weeks before moving. It’s really cool, living with a musician. Some mornings I would wake up to Fawn playing the piano.

1013077_570933942950108_1587370530_nShe’d play a beautiful etude or two while waiting for the girls to get dressed and come upstairs for breakfast.

Sometimes she’d sing softly, under her breath. Like she didn’t want to wake anybody up.

Photo-ShootAfter a little bit, the girls would come clattering up the stairs and a new kind of music would begin. The getting-ready-for-school kind of music. Once everybody is out the door, Fawn’s job as a working musician begins.

In the summer you can find her singing and acting in the Frantic Follies Vaudeville Review Show where she is the leading lady.

1045052_10152964426515363_1574790486_n…or singing at Arts in the Park. 1005993_541058402598002_1906522361_nShe is busy busy busy! And last year she released her first CD!

Bedroom_VoiceFrom her website: Thanks Fawn Fritzen for your debut album, ‘Bedroom Voice’, the best CD I own. Your voice enlightens the whole world and unlocks our hidden feelings. Another additional treat is the insightful and beautifully written liner. For those that appreciate crossed jazz music with folk, rock, country and even blues, you would appreciate this CD.
— Bruce Wallace

And on a side note, one really cool thing about having a friend who is releasing her first CD is that you get your opinion asked about things like the album title and the cover art. Just sayin’…I loved that! I loved getting that peek into the process.

Hollywood-Radiant1And now for the freebie…

Visit Fawn’s website, sign up for her newsletter, and receive a FREE digital copy of her rendition of “It Might As Well Be Spring”! This is an exclusive download, since the song is not on the album!

Ya gotta hear this lady sing. Really, I’m not kidding.

Want more?

Don’t forget  to vote for Fawn in the Julian Awards! Follow this link:

You can find Fawn on her  Facebook page and on her Fawn Fritzen Music website.

And Bedroom Voice would make a really great gift for someone special (Fawn will autograph and ship it for you) …just sayin’ 🙂


A block, a top and sewing on my new Janome 2030QDC!

I have so many topics to write about and so many blog posts rolling around in my head, and yet I seem unable to actually sit down and organize myself enough to put them onto paper (so to speak).

So today I will have to be satisfied with showing you three things:

I re-joined We Bee Canadian, and made my January blocks this morning:


I finally bought the fabric and sewed the borders onto my triangle-square sampler quilt. This is the first finished top in 2014! It is already sandwiched and ready for the quilting frame. 🙂

005AND… Just what did I do all this sewing on, you might ask?

004Why, my brand new Janome 2030QDC! Whoot whoot!

016This is my retirement present to myself. 🙂 I LOVE it!

Sewing room pics coming soon. Retirement update coming soon. I promise!

A Hexagon Quilt Update and some Treasure

Do you remember when I started this quilt last July?

hexies in a butter dishI have been working on it every single evening, especially over the last month since I arrived at our new home.

015Sammy consented to pose so you could get a sense of perspective, size-wise:

018I does have a certain old-fashioned charm, doesn’t it? ♥

And now for the treasure!

019This is the sewing cabinet that belonged to Kelly’s maternal grandmother, Annas Manson. We have had it for a few years, but it was sort of “in storage” in the family room, and I never actually looked through it (because it was a big junky mess).

004Until today.

010I wish I had taken a picture before I cleaned it up. Look at the treasure that was buried amongst the junk! Beautiful, beautiful vintage buttons.

011And this:

009Left over from Kelly’s elementary school days. 🙂

Jack pot! Did I actually say that? Yes, I did. And I said it with the utmost respect for Annas, who was also a sewer. I like to think that she would be pleased that I am so pleased.

Cheers for a Playful 2014!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Have you ever chosen a word
just one single word
to guide you through the year?

For the last couple of years I’ve held the word balance close to my heart. It was the word that helped me to navigate a very busy life: teaching up to 5 dance classes per week, directing a dance troupe, choreographing and producing shows while managing to have a family life and working a 9-5 day job (phew!)


Balance was the word that got me through to the other side of menopausal depression. I was out of balance physically, emotionally and hormonally. Searching for and maintaining balance was the lifeline that I clung to and the rope I hauled myself up by. It kept me secure during the heartache of deciding to let go of my dance troupe and students. I kept it in the front of my mind during my weight loss journey (65 pounds!).  It was the word that taught me to put health and happiness above productivity.

Balance guided me through the waters of deciding to retire relatively young; to move to a new town and seek out new adventures.

1-CollinsBalance: what a beautiful word!

But now it’s time for a new word to live by. It’s time to get out of the box and…


This year I am going to play in my kitchen and learn to bake a cake from scratch. Specifically, some of the Chatelaine cakes. Yum!

…and I will experiment creating delicious meals from all over the globe: India, Japan, Italy, Thailand…! No fear in the kitchen will be my new motto – play with those spices, Nita! Try it out!

37-CollinsIn my Creativity room I will play in the sewing nook, on the yoga mat, in-front-of the dance mirror and with words at my laptop.

My body will become stronger as I play outdoors, exploring local walking and hiking trails with Kelly and Sammy. We’ll take our bikes out and explore some of the country roads.

I will play in the garden, discovering all the wonders of living in a zone 5 gardening region.

I vow to put myself “out there” and be open to meeting new friends, getting involved in the community somehow (music? theater? dance?)

32-CollinsMy friend Melissa at 100 Billion Stars puts it brilliantly (you can read her entire blog post here):

Play is a way of making room for our potential. It isn’t about pretending to be something we hope to be one day. It isn’t about presenting a different face to the world, trying on masks and personae. It’s about being authentic and true to ourselves in an atmosphere without judgment or rules. It’s from this place that growth begins, releasing the possibilities that have been lying dormant all our lives.

So here I am this morning, wishing you all a wonderful year of play and a hell of a good time doing it!

70-CollinsNo fear! Have fun!


(these wonderful family photos were taken by Heather Jones of hpj photography at our Fox Lake cabin last September. We had so much fun!)