Kelly has arrived

Kelly has arrived in Salmon Arm!

He drove away on Sunday morning. It was a 4-day drive of fairly easy lengths each day. He stopped when it was dark and camped for the night wherever that happened to be. The cats seemed content in the camper. Samson was discombobulated but will recover. I’m next…31 more days!


Happy Hallowe’en!

Getting ready for hallowe’en with Jade and Halia this morning.
gettingn ready for halloween 2013

Good morning!


I won!

I won, I won, I won!

An April Showers (it’s the one on the Right) fat quarter bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop!

April Showers

Thank you, Fat Quarter Shop!!!! Whoot whoot! I’m going to have them send it to my new address in Salmon Arm…it’ll be like a housewarming present for when I get there in early December!

Happy Tuesday!


Off the Needles

This little set will be winging its way South tomorrow. It is a cute little car-seat size blanket and newborn hat & booties in pretty grass green that I started knitting awhile ago, before I knew Zachary was on the way.

Welcome to the family, Zachary!


Sunrise on the North Klondike Highway

This morning:



Six More Fridays

Kelly is now officially retired. Yay! Freedom 55 for my hubby! 🙂
…and you know that I’m not rubbing it in that I get freedom at 52 right?

Yesterday the College posted my job. Boy oh boy, does it ever feel strange to see that. I have SIX more Fridays! Whoop whoop!

Just to add some balance to that, here’s your choreography fix for the day. Maybe Kelly and I will give this a try, whatch’ think?  (can you see Kelly smirking? What’s that? He fainted? Yeah, that’s about right!)

Works in Progress

Have you been wondering what I’ve been doing in the evenings?

Well, I’ve been working hard at my Creative Writing class that I’m taking.

But also…

I’ve been making my six blocks for the 3×6 bee. Since I don’t have a sewing machine nor electricity to run it at the moment, I decided to applique hexagrams for my bee mates. Here they are, finished and ready to be mailed:

hexagon squares

I’ve also been working away on this little crib- or “blankie”-sized blanket. I saw the green yarn in Wall-Mart and was drawn to the colour – such a pretty, springtime green 🙂 It doesn’t have a destination yet…maybe it will be a Because You Matter blanket.

on the needles

I am also still stitching away on my sister’s quilt. This is an old photo, but it’s coming along nicely and I think you’re going to like it when I finally finish it and do the big photo reveal. I’m going to start pushing myself with the goal of finishing before I leave Whitehorse. I’d like to do the photos on the S.S.Klondike if Parks Canada will let me in during off-season…but before I can do that, I have to finish it, lol!











And last but not least…here is the sunset from my deck last night. Oh, how I love living at Fox Lake!

sunset October 14 2013











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Blogging Doldrums and a Rant

I have been stuck in the blogging doldrums these last several weeks. I think that life has simply gotten very focused – like a laser through a pin hole since we’ve been living at the lake. Any time I may have for writing this blog happens either on coffee/lunch breaks at work or after 8pm in the evenings. I suppose that doesn’t sound so bad if you’re reading it on paper. In fact, I had lunch with a friend yesterday who suggested I could write blog posts in the evening instead of quilting. Yes, I guess I could. I did it all summer, after all!

But now it is mid-October in the Yukon. That means it’s dark when I leave for work at 7:20 in the morning and it’s dark when I get home at 7 in the evening. It means we eat dinner at 7:30, and it is often soup out of a can because we are too hungry to wait any longer than that. It means the cabin is lit with propane lights that cast the loveliest, softest yellow light you ever saw, and when you go outside to visit the outhouse, you need a flashlight to get there and back. It means the woodstove is popping and crackling.  It means hanging a flashlight in the shower at 9pm to wash under water we’ve heated on the wood stove. I guess the problem is that all of that darkness and wood stove and golden gaslight makes me sleepy, and I just…don’t feel like it. Any inspiration I got during the day has long fled my brain. I want to sit on the couch and work on my stitchery and watch an hour of Big Bang Theory reruns that Mr. C downloaded onto the laptop before taking my book to bed. And once there, I’m out like a light by 10pm.  And you know what? I don’t think that sounds lazy and lame at all.

But it does make for slow times in blogland over here at NitaDances.

I will tell you one thing that has been on my mind lately, though. As you all know, I am retiring very soon. In fact I only have SEVEN more Fridays! I drive away from the Yukon eight weeks from tomorrow. And something has been bothering me …

It has come to my attention that there are an awful lot of Eeyores out there. I am amazed at the number of people who, when hearing that I am retiring, give with one hand and take away with the other.

“Congratulations!…I’ll never be able to retire, I have this and that and the other thing to pay for (in the biggest woe is me tone of voice, which instantly turns the conversation away from my good news and onto the sad situation of my colleague.)

What I would like to say to you Eeyores is that it isn’t about you. If it were my birthday, would you say “happy birthday, Nita…too bad I’m older than you are and will never know the joys of turning (name your age) again”? I think not!

Mr C and I are not rich by any means. We do, however, happen to be pretty good at managing our money. We will be living on a skinny budget indeed in order to make this happen, because money is not the only indicator of wealth. And maybe, just maybe, it is the lifestyle choices we make that determines when we can financially afford to retire.

Stop trying to burst my bubble, okay?

There are also an awful lot of Absolute Negative Nellies out there, too. People who say things like:
“huh…well goody for you”
“must be nice”

To you Negative Nellies…well, let me say that I sure do resent the tone in your voice. Because it IS good for me. And it IS nice to be retiring at 52 instead of 68.  For heavens sake, my choice is not a reflection on you, and I don’t know why you feel threatened by it.  Get over it.

If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

And now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, here is a picture of the breathtaking sunrise we had the other day. I pulled off the side of the highway on my way to work to take the photo.



Today I’m sharing an excerpt from a story I’m working on …

I sat up in bed, instantly awake, all my senses on high alert. The echo of my name ricocheted around the room. I held my breath, listening, but all I could hear was the blood pounding through my veins. I had heard my name spoken, loud as thunder, only moments ago. Disturbed, I gathered a blanket around my shoulders and went outside. There was no moon and the sky was full of stars. Orion with his jeweled belt had long since set and Leo, the eternal question mark, hung low in the West. Turning, I looked northward and there, twisting and turning as it climbed its way into the sky was the blue and green ribbon of the Aurora Borealis. Fingers of light undulated above me to a rhythm as ancient as the sun.  Overwhelmed, I lay down on the grass and watched the heavens dance.

The night felt alive, and I felt a great unseen crowd of people gathering around me. I heard my name whispering through the grass, and I imagined the souls of humanity pressing me into the earth, walking past, over and through me. It became difficult to breath. My vision began to blur and I blinked and squinted, unable to look away from the aurora. It had grown in size until it filled the entire night sky. Gossamer fingers of light began breaking apart and shooting down, flashing and sparkling like silver rain down the sides of a dome. My own fingers curled, grabbing fists of dirt and grass. I pressed my shoulders down and flexed my knees and hamstrings as hard as I could. Digging my heels into the ground, I anchored myself against the earth. Where had everyone gone? I agonized, and why had I been left behind? Suddenly loss turned into anger. They could take everything away from me, whatever the scheme, whatever the reason, but love and fear and anger and purpose were mine. I felt a primal urge to fight back welling up in me. I opened my mouth. Gasped in a great lung-full of air. Bellowed out to the universe, “I …AM!” And again, the force of my voice lifting my chest and shoulders off of the ground, “I … AM!”

As suddenly as it had begun, it was over. The aurora vanished. The stars returned to their rightful places and I lay panting and shivering in the damp night air. Maybe I didn’t know what the hell was going on, but I’d be damned if I was going to give in.

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