Taking a Break from Packing

I’m taking this week off work to do the final packing and cleaning of the house so that the boxes can go straight into the U-Haul next Saturday. Today I took apart the bed and did some cleaning.


My other job this week is to get us moved out to the cabin at Fox Lake, where we’ll commute for the next 4 months.

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However, you I can only pack so much without taking (multiple) breaks, and so I took a break to finish this disappearing 9-patch quilt top.


Only it isn’t finished after all…it’s too small! So I will have to take some more breaks during the week to add an extra rows to the bottom and sides to bring it up to a good usable lap-size. The fabric is from 2 Kate Spain Cuzco charm packs that I paid full price for ($12.50 each) at my LQS. jeez, I hate paying that much for a charm pack! But since I’ve never EVER seen Kate Spain in there, I just had to buy it. I also bought 6 bright solids to use with them.


and then I did a little garden walk to see how everything is growing.


First roses of the summer!


Perennials are coming along.


Rhubarb  is ready to pick.


This is Michael’s dog Zeus.  They are staying with us until Michael finds a place. Just so you know, it is 28º in the shade today. So why is this  black dog lying in the hot sun? Beats me!

I better go and get back at ‘er! I want to get a good start on packing the bathroom before going to band practice tonight.

Stay cool, eh?

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8 Responses to Taking a Break from Packing

  1. Your quilt top is lovely! It’s so vibrant and the solids match perfectly. I also really like it against the grey. I think a disappearing nine-patch might be somewhere in my future now!

  2. Your quilt top looks so pretty already and the Lake looks amazing! Have a wonderful time 🙂

  3. Alyce says:

    I LOVE Cuzco with grey – so effective! Good luck with the move x

  4. Jeneta says:

    LOVE your quilt top! In Australia $12.50 is very good value for a charm pack (which is why online quilt stores receive so much business from us Aussies!). I enjoyed your garden – it’s beautiful!

  5. Mary Ann says:

    Sounds like a great place to move to. Have you ever thought of ordering charm packs online? greenfairyquilts.com and fatquartershop.com are cheaper than $12.50. Love the photos.

  6. How wonderful you can spend four months at such a lovely place.

  7. Taking a break will help you concentrate on your task. It is going to be a lovely quilt.

  8. Diane says:

    Lucky you! I spent some time on Fox Lake and did not want to leave…

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