Six months of sewing by hand

Getting ready to live without my sewing room for the next six months has required a fair bit of advance planning in the quilting/craft/general handwork department. I’ve decided to concentrate on things that do not require a sewing machine. So I’m keeping my collection of knitting needles and the supplies I need for hand quilting, hand piecing and applique out. I’m working on Heidi’s quilt (which has quite a way to go yet), and I’ve also been finishing a couple of other tops that are next in the queue to be hand quilted.


This is the top from the In Colour Order block-of-the-month I participated in last year (only she spells it the American way without the “u” – probably because she’s American, lol!)


And this is the top from my We Bee Canadian group this winter.


And of course the never-ending Orange Peel quilt.

There is one more (maybe two) that I’m going to try to get put together this week, and whatever doesn’t get done, isn’t going to get done…because the U-Haul leaves one week from today!

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3 Responses to Six months of sewing by hand

  1. citricsugar says:

    It’s nice to know that your creative spirit is fuelled without electrical assistance. đŸ™‚ That list should keep your hands moving!

  2. At the rate I sew that would keep me going for at least two years. Love your veggie bow ties. Good luck with the move.

  3. Karen says:

    looks like you will have plenty to work on unless you move like the speed of light đŸ™‚

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