Happy International Quilt Day!

I took last week off work to start getting our house ready for the market. I worked straight through from last Saturday until last night and I am still not finished, but the house is looking very nice…I don’t think it has been this clean in years! It feels so fresh and bright, and I smile all over inside and out of myself just to look at it.









And happy co-incidence, it is International Quilt Day, and so I saved my sewing room for last. Now whether you have a sewing room or not, I know you can easily imagine the constant state of chaos that a sewing room can exist in! Which means you can easily imagine not wanting to wade in and clean up.









But it cleaned up beautifully!









I even polished the furniture and washed the floor. And do you like my garbage can? It’s a giant crystal vase and I love it! I don’t throw “regular” garbage in it – it sits next to my sewing machine for threads and scraps too small to keep. Special, pretty garbage. I figured it is better to use it for something than to store it “safely” away in the cupboard where nobody ever sees it.









Yes, that is a treadmill in my sewing room! Go figure.








I watch TV while I walk.









Yes, that is my presser foot inside the cupboard. Yes, I stick my foot inside the cupboard to sew. Lol!








All quilts personally tested and approved by Samson.









And a special Haiku in honour of the day, just for you:

Dreaming in colour;
Peek-a-boo, cozy;
International Quilt Day.

Hooking up with SewCalGal’s Virtual Sew-cial.




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7 Responses to Happy International Quilt Day!

  1. Janine says:

    I love your haiku. Your house is looking lovely and your little dog made me smile! Happy day to you šŸ™‚

  2. Aren’t you clever, putting your foot peddle in the cupboard. šŸ™‚ I have a large vase I got from an aunt maybe I will do something like that with it.

  3. SewCalGal says:

    I’m delighted to have you join the virtual sew-cial to celebrate International Quilting Day. Fun to see your sewing room, which I think looks great (super organized and cheerful).


  4. I like your haiku and the picture at the top of your blog–you look so joyful!

    Oh, and yes great use for a pretty vase. It would be a shame to hide that away most of the time.

  5. cindy says:

    Happy International Quilting day to you too! Samson looks all cozy snuggled in your quilt.

  6. Barb@Witsend says:

    Nice to have a quilt tester at home.

  7. Yvonne says:

    Thanks for sharing your sewing room, it gives me hope that mine may someday be as neat and tidy! Quilt on, sister!

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