In Service

Yesterday was our annual in-service day at Yukon College. It was a great day, and this year we took the term literally and donated 3 hours to the community, doing volunteer work. Staff and faculty worked for a variety of organizations around town. Some people cooked for the outreach van, some shopped for and stocked the food bank shelves or picked up garbage on the waterfront. Others painted and/or mended fences at the game farm and the MacIntyre Creek preserve. There was something for everyone, and over 100 people participated. The theme was “our college in the community” and we sure proved it! What a great place to work!

I was involved in a group that knitted and crocheted newborn caps for the hospital and quilted baby blankets for the women’s shelter. My group produced 21 caps and 3 quilts.

It was a happy day and I hope we do it again next year!












What are you doing to give back?

I’m stuck on a…

I’m stuck on a feeling pincushion! (gotta believe me, I’m in love with youuu!)  I have just made 4 and I can’t wait to make more!(I’m a poet, don’t ‘cha know it?)

Why am I making pincushions? Because neither of mine are adequate anymore. I have this one that my friend Vicki made for me in about 1987:

It has been my constant companion for 25 years. It has been so well loved and has been stuck through so many times that it’s starting to disingetrate.





And I also have this one that is made out of a piece of red velvet and a canning jar lid and stuffed with batting. It’s very pretty, but too shallow to be practical.  I found it somewhere and am convinced it was only meant to be decorative.






As you can see, I need new pincushions! Sew…I am going to make some! Here are the first two that I tried out:






They are a combination of this tutorial and this one. I looked at them both and then kind of experimented. I used fabric from a Crazy Daisy charm pack and Kona white. I’m in love with these babies, I tell ya!

Then I got experimental with my scrap basket and had some fun making these:








Modern pincushions! I love ’em! They aren’t finished yet – I still have to sew up the backs. I’ve stuffed them with quilt batting, but am going to look for something better – the quilt batting is kind of lumpy. I’ve heard that crushed walnut shells work well (lizzard bedding from the pet store if I can find some).

I’ve got a feeling there are more of these in my near future! Yup!


Kelly is on holidays in the Okanagan and Fraser Valley, attending a week-long star party and visiting family & friends while I’m on stay-cation here at home. Yes, I miss him (of course I do!), but I’m also thoroughly enjoying being by myself. Besides, it’s good to miss your spouse once in a while! In 10 days I’ve slept in, schlept around (is “schlept” a word?), taken a blissful Sam out for a long walk every single day, done some housework that’s been neglected and caught up on some sewing projects that I hadn’t been able to get to.

I sorted and organized my bedroom closet and drawers, washed the bathroom (including walls) and washed the inside of my washing machine. Who knew the inside of a washing machine could get so dirty? And how embarrassing to admit that this is the first time I have ever washed the inside of my washing machine! I just throw the clothes in and turn it on. Does anyone ever really look inside their washing machine? I washed the outside of my kitchen cabinets, pulled weeds and mowed the lawn (which I notice needs mowing again today). I washed floors, hung laundry on the line and made a pot of broccoli soup (which I froze in single serving containers to take to work for lunches.)

I spent two nights in Calgary taking care of some business and managed to squeeze in a mini shopping spree (do 5 pairs of shoes, 5 sweaters, 2 tops and a pair of pants count as “mini”?) I went for a walk with Amber, who I haven’t seen all summer, and spent 2 entire mornings with my dear friend Vicki who was visiting from Maine!

I read a book, sat on the porch swing, browsed the on-line quilt shops, read some new quilting blogs and watched my favourite TV shows that had been waiting on the PVR for practically forever. I’ve written a few blog posts of my own so you would know that I haven’t forgotten you, and to top it off, the weather has been absolutely, perfectly, wonderfully beautiful every single day of my entire stay-cation!

And, I finished Nora’s Stars quilt!  I will devote an entire blog post to that as soon as I get some good pictures taken. I also got two other quilt tops finished and ready for sandwiching and basting, including one for my sister (which I mention here just to poke her a bit, lol! Oh, the anticipation!) And I worked on a third quilt top that Vicki is going to look for border, binding and backing fabric for me in Maine (that’s my June churn dash from the We Be Learning quilting bee). And there are still a few other projects I want to work on, including the August Treasure Chest BOM. Which I’ve been procrastinating about because the pattern is really hard and I barely understand the directions!

There’s still some housework I’d like to tackle (isn’t that always the way?), but I spent so much time schlepping and sleeping that I’ve run out of time, darn it! (lol!) I have today and tomorrow, then back to work on Tuesday. And of course, quilting takes place before housework, you know. But that’s okay. It’s a vacation, after all!






Here is a picture of Vicki and me. We know what she did on her vacation and what Kelly and I did on ours…what did you do on yours?

Autumn is Whispering

It seems that summer has only just arrived in Whitehorse, but Autumn is already whispering to us: “…here I come: in the newly dark night, in the sun warm on your back and the wind crisp in your face, in the last of the blooming roses, the sweetness of raspberries and the first turning of gold, I am coming.”

End of summer in my garden:
















And here is Sammy, desperately trying to hatch the last of the summer strawberries before Jack Frost takes them:








What does the end of summer look like in your garden?

WIP Wednesday…all around the block

Wow, I haven’t posted a WIP Wednesday in a month & a half! The nice thing about posting every 6 weeks is that I appear more prolific than I actually am, lol! I’ve been puttering away in my sewing room when spare time presents itself, and do have a few things to show you, and I’ll be linking in with The Needle and Thread Network and Freshly Pieced.

July Treasure Chest BOM (block of the month) was Grandmother’s Tulips. I liked doing this one because I enjoy applique and also because it was easy – unusual for this particular BOM group! The August one has me quaking in my boots, so I’m procrastinating starting it!





Here are all 10 months together. Only August and September left to go! Wow!





I’ve done both July and August for the We Be Learning on-line Quilting Bee. I can’t wait to see the finished quilts – every month just sparks my imagination! Here they are:

Phuong requested a lightning zigzag block for July in red, white & aqua. The finished quilt is going to be fabulous!









Trina’s July block was the Firefly in black, white & purple:









August is Rita’s & Jackie’s month. Rita is making a postage stamp quilt and asked us to each make four 6″ postage stamp blocks from 2″ squares. Jackie requested a Greek Cross in any modern print, using grey in the corners:
















I played around with some blocks of my own as well.  Remember the orange peel quilt I’ve been working on during weekends at the lake? Well, I sewed them up into sets of 4 just to see what they would look like, and also to see how many more I need to make. Sew….turns out I probably am only 1/4 finished. Lots of more sewing to do. But that’s okay. This project was intended to be a weekends only handwork project, and I don’t care if it takes 2 or 3 years to do. Honestly. It’s just nice to have a small project in my hands during idle times. And isn’t it pretty!!! I love it! It’s going to be awesome when it’s finally bed-sized!







And the quality assurance folks gave it a paws up at the mid-project inspection:






It took awhile but summer has finally arrived in the Yukon. Here is Sammy, beating the heat:


Nearer my Mom to me

What I did during the thunderstorm this afternoon:






What Sammy did during the thunderstorm:






Yup, you guessed right. That’s the treadmill he’s hiding under! The treadmill happens to be in my sewing room, so I guess in his little mind he was humming “nearer my mom to me.”

What do you do during thunderstorms?

A little bit of Giggle

Here it is at 2:10 in the morning. Since I can’t sleep, I thought I would play around in my website and put some photos in the Galleria tab that have been long neglected. I wanted to update the quilt photos, and also start adding my dance photos. I have had such pleasure choosing which photos to include! I haven’t gotten very far…only three of my Rockin’ the Casbah solo pieces, and I haven’t even started on Saba, but I am overwhelmed with the feelings of joy that reminiscing through these pictures is bringing me. I hear the music in my head. Such fun and lovely music! Look for upcoming posts as I let you know when the albums are updated. Enjoy! And if you saw any of these dances on the stage, leave a comment and tell me what you remember best!

The fun thing about lots of pictures, is that there are inevitably the goofy ones, eh? Some of ’em just beg for a caption.  Here are a few that are good for a giggle: