A bit of Fawn on a Friday

Here it is Sunday and I’ve been wanting to write about Friday since…well, since Friday!

Friday was a great day. I woke up feeling really good. I puttered around the house at my leisure, did a bit of housework, drank some tea, yada yada yada. Then I packed myself a lunch, grabbed my camera and went down to Lepage Park to see my dear friend Fawn Fritzen sing the noon-hour show with her band, the Swing Street Band.





I had to go because Fawn is my favourite singer, and this was 100% her gig… Star of the show…Title act…dynamite and classy all the way…and… wearing… my dress! Yup! That’s my ladybug dress she has on! See?







And added bonus… my Big Band friends Colleen McCarthy on trombone & Leith Hill on alto sax also play in Fawn’s Swing Street Band!






I was bopping around in my seat enjoying the afternoon and the music, seeing lots of people I know in the audience.









Did I mention how much I love listening to Fawn sing?

Here’s a little taste of Friday’s Arts in the Park. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to A bit of Fawn on a Friday

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  2. Vicki Fletcher says:

    Thanks for sharing, Nita… I loved it. Fawn does have a great voice!

  3. Fawn says:

    Hahaha! How fun! Thanks for giving me the audience-side perspective, Nita. That wind sure was blowing!

    I love the two pics of us side by side. I wish it had been a touch warmer and that I’d thought to take off my li’l sweater, for the full effect. 😀

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