Butterflies in my Garden

I wanted to write about another quilt that I finally finished! This was another of my unfinished projects.  I pulled it out last spring and finished it in  June. I don’t know why I set it aside all those years ago, because it sure turned out beautifully. Maybe it was just waiting for the right moment and the right recipient.

IMG_1802I started the top way back in 1996 (as best I can remember). I had taken a weekend “quilt in a day” course (ha!) at Crocus Creek Quilts with my friend Karyne. The quilt was applique butterflies. I had a lot of fun in the class, but found it very difficult because I had never done applique before. It was my first time, and I was keen to learn. It was frustrating for me, but I kept at it until all of the squares were finished several months later.

IMG_1799I sewed them together and added a border, and then put it away in the cupboard and sort of forgot about it.  Last spring I decided I wanted to make my mother a quilt for her 70th birthday and I thought about that old unfinished top. I pulled it out and ironed out the wrinkles and gave it a good looking over.

IMG_1786I thought it would make a perfect quilt for my mom, so I took it down to Bear Paw Quilts (our local Whitehorse quilt shop) to match & purchase backing and binding  fabric.

IMG_1734I was surprised to see how much fashion in prints has changed in 15 years! The prints seemed old fashioned to me in comparison to all of the newer, modern fabrics on display! I chose a pretty yellow print to put on the back and decided to use the same for the binding so that some would show on the front as well.

IMG_1785Once the quilt was sandwiched and basted, I started the hand quilting.  It turned out very nice and I am pleased and proud of it.  And, she loved it!

IMG_1803I  named it “Butterflies in my Garden” because she is a gardener.

IMG_1801Happy birthday, Mom!

summer 2011 082


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4 Responses to Butterflies in my Garden

  1. The smile on your mom’s it all!! I love the butterflies, your hand quilting…so glad you rejuvenated this post…as I would have never seen it!!

  2. Jasmine says:

    Such a beautiful butterfly quilt. I love it.

  3. Fawn says:

    Lovely, Nita! I can never get my head around how much work a quilt takes!

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