Yummy Stir fry

My current favourite meal is stir fry! It’s nutritious, low in weight watchers points and yummy in my tummy. I was especially proud of this meal because I didn’t have to go to the grocery store first. I simply browsed through my fridge and cooked up what I found was already there. The new me! I don’t remember a time before I lost got rid of these 60 pounds that I would have had this much variety in fresh veggies available in my fridge at the same time.  ♥

Here’s the recipe:

First add a splash of olive oil and then throw in your “hard” vegetables – the ones that take a bit longer to cook. For this meal, I found sweet red onion, red bell pepper (capsicum to you Aussies) & broccoli in my crisper.

Next, throw in your chopped “soft” vegetables. I had a zucchini & some button mushrooms lurking around, so in they went.

Next I threw in a couple of big handfuls of fresh spinach. Let it cook down a bit and then add your favourite sauce.

A couple of spoonfuls of any sauce will do – plum sauce, black bean sauce, even tamarind paste. However, current favourite is Thai sweet chilli sauce.  Beware: this is where you’ll get your excess calories if you aren’t careful!

If you feel you deserve a little extra splurge, throw in a spoonful or two of peanut butter. If it’s been in the fridge, be sure to warm it in the microwave first to get it softened.  

Last, add the fragile foods that won’t stand up to too much stirring. I added bean sprouts and shrimp right at the end just to heat through.

If you want a starch with it, Japaneese udon noodles are delicious.  I didn’t add any starch for this particular meal because I really wanted the extra bit of peanut butter and needed to think about my WW points.

Bon Apetite!

Nita, Juanita & May

Does your name have a story? Mine does! The story of my name is that my father loved a song called “Juanita” and wanted to name me Juanita because of it. My mother was unhappy with the choice, but allowed it providing I be called “Nita” for short. So Nita I was, and remain to this day. Because I was never actually called Juanita (except when I was in trouble, of course), I have had a hard time associating it with myself. If someone comes into the room and calls me Juanita, it takes me a moment to respond. I have a brief moment of disorientation.   I’d like to get over that. I’d like to embrace this name because, really, it is a lovely name. It’s a lovely, soft and feminine name, don’t you think? And it is the only connection I have now to my father, who I am estranged from.  If nothing else, he gave me a beautiful name to be proud of.  Nita, Juanita.

I have two memories associated with my name: the first is the memory of being told how my father wanted to name me after the song but my mother didn’t, and the second is of being in the back seat of my Grandpa Steve’s station wagon, and he would be singing over his shoulder in a lovingly teasing way, “Nita, my Juanita”. I remember feeling embarrassed and happy at the same time. Grandpa Steve loved us children to death and showed us with big squeezy hugs (I remember his scratchy face) and with great big  bowls of vanilla ice cream.

My middle name is May. My beloved Nana’s (my Great Grandmother’s) name was Lucy May. Isn’t that pretty? Lucy May, Lucy May – it just rolls off the tounge. She named her daughter June Muriel May. Who named her daughter Joan Mildred May. Who named her daughter Juanita May. I think all the “J” names are a co-incidence. But anyway, since I didn’t have a daughter to pass the tradition on to, I hope that someday my son will have a daughter and include May in her name. That would be nice.

This morning I told the story of my name to a friend and then realized that never – not once in 49 years – have I actually heard the song I was named for! So she googled it. You can listen to it here: My Juanita sung by Jim Reeves. Thanks for doing that for me, Maureen. My eyes got a little damp when I heard it. It really is a very beautiful song and I am pleased and honoured to be named for it.

Nita Juanita,
Ask thy soul if we should part
Nita Juanita,
Lean thou on my heart.

Soft o’er the fountain
Ring falls the southern moon
Far o’er the mountain
Breaks the day too soon.

In thy dark eyes’ splendor
Where the warm light loves to dwell
Weary looks, yet tender
Speak thy fond farewell.

(Nita Juanita,)
(Let me linger by your side)
Nita Juanita,
Be my own fair bride.

(Nita Juanita,)
(Ask thy soul if we should part)
Nita Juanita,
Lean Thou on my heart…