Highway Knitting

We’re home!

We got home last night after what felt like a (relatively) short drive. The trip that usually takes three nights only took two this time. That’s because instead of driving the entire Alaska Highway, we cut a loop off by taking the Stewart-Cassiar. It’s a full half-day shorter, cutting one night out of the journey. What a difference!  Continue reading

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2016 Hands2Help quilts!

The 2016 Hands2Help quilts are here!

hands2help2016 002shrunk

This year, Because You Matter received 18 brand new quilts that will be donated to Kaushee’s Place Transition Home, and to the women and children starting their new lives at Betty’s Haven in Whitehorse, Yukon. Thank you to Sarah Craig and Hands2Help for organizing this marvelous quilt drive and for including Because You Matter as the Canadian recipient!

A total of 16 quilts were received from 9 quilters this year. I added in two quilts that were left over from last year for a total of 18 quilts!

Quilts were received from:

  • Strathroy, Ontario
  • Mendota Heights, Minnesota
  • Great Britain
  • Chilliwack, British Columbia
  • The Villages, Florida
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • St. Charles, Ontario
  • Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Simi Valley, California

Each of these quilts was made by hand and stitched with enough love to last a lifetime. Do you want to see them? Drum roll please…

hands2help2016 034 hands2help2016 035 hands2help2016 036 hands2help2016 029 hands2help2016 028 hands2help2016 027 hands2help2016 026 hands2help2016 025 hands2help2016 024 hands2help2016 023 hands2help2016 022 hands2help2016 021 hands2help2016 020 hands2help2016 019 hands2help2016 018 hands2help2016 017 hands2help2016 016 hands2help2016 015


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Off line & off grid in the Yukon

Have we been here nearly a month already? Hard to believe!

This morning I’m sitting up in bed at my in-law’s house in Carcross where we spent the night after celebrating Mr. C’s birthday. Happy Birthday, my beloved!


We’ll get back to the cabin sometime this afternoon, not too late. So far, my trips to town have been few and far between. And thats okay. Town trips are mainly to run errands and grab a few minutes of internet. I mean it about the few minutes, too…only one hour per day is allowed at the library.  And so, I haven’t opened Facebook in a couple of weeks, nor answered very many email notes. My online life totally neglected at the moment, but honestly, not really missed.


imageI’ve been writing (almost) every day for a couple of hours. I’m thick in the middle of novel rewrites. I’ve also been doing a lot of critiquing & beta reading for the writing groups I belong to. I feel as though the learning curve has steepened again, and it’s really wonderful. Writing is something of an emotional roller coaster … One thing I can say, now, is that I’m finally starting to feel like a writer. If that makes any sense. Maybe someday I’ll also be an author, lol!

imageI’ve also been out on the deck nearly every day doing an hour of yoga in the sunshine. And managing to keep up with the Splendid Sampler quilt blocks, for the most part, too. Now that’s a miracle, to be sure!

imageDont be shy…drop on by. There’s beer in the fridge and the kettle’s always on! Thanks to Bill and Heather for the visit the other day and these wonderful photos.


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They came, he barked, they went away

I’m sitting out on the deck this morning with my coffee, where it’s warm in the sun but still cool in the shade.

Sam is sitting out on the dock looking serene and peaceful, sniffing the breeze, watching the fish jump and keeping an eye on the boat launch in the campground next door.


This is what he wants me to think, anyway. What he’s really doing is lying in wait for unsuspecting canoeists and kayakers to glide by.


When he sees them coming, he’ll lay down on his belly like a cat in the grass, and when he judges the time just right, up he’ll leap in a frenzy of barking. “Oh, look, a puppy,” the paddlers always say, unfazed. But Sam is never disappointed.

As they continue on their way, he sits back down, content, his mission successfully completed.

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Yukon Light at Night

At 11:00 at night…
in early June…
it looks like this at Fox Lake:


11 pm




Can you hear the frogs and crickets?

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Following the Lilacs North

The Collins’ are back in the Land of the Midnight Sun!

This year I brought a knitting project with me to keep my hands occupied when it wasn’t my turn to drive…quite a feat with this guy on my lap.

sam knits

Four days later:


Last year we followed the unfurling leaves north, but this year we left a couple of weeks later, and so it was the lilacs we followed. Back home in Salmon Arm the lilacs were long finished, but by the time we got to Smithers, two easy days of driving, they were in full glory and I got to enjoy them again. Now, here in Whitehorse, the buds are all closed up tight.  I look forward to enjoying their sweet-spicy aroma for a third time at the end of June.

new leaves

We didn’t miss the arrival of the Yukon spring entirely, though…we got here just in time to see the last of the leaves unfurl on the shores of Fox Lake.

new leaves2

Let the summer begin!

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