Cinnamon Roll Cake

Susan over at Canadian Abroad posted this cake recipe the other day and I just had to give it a try.

005First you make the batter and  swirl in the filling.

002Then you bake it. When it comes out of the oven, you pour on the glaze.

004Then you quickly cut it in half and share with your neighbour (least you are tempted to eat it all yourself and end up the size of a house.)

010And today is also my son’s birthday. What better reason to bake a cake, I ask you?

Too bad he isn’t here to enjoy any!

Here’s the pinterest link to the recipe.


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a charity quilt: Because You Matter

This little purple and gold quilt measures 35 x 41 – a nice snuggle-size for a child. It will be going to Whitehorse with me in the fall to be delivered to my social work contact at Family & Children’s Services.

025I sewed it together out of donated blocks, and then my friend Ann did the hand tying last September.  The binding was finally put on last week.

026Ideally I’ll have a good handful of these little Because You Matter snuggle quilts ready to go for our trip back next September.

For more information about Because You Matter: Quilts for Kids, go here.

Be the change you want to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi

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13 Small Pleasures: a baker’s dozen!

1. The first sips of hot tea over the rim of a bone china mug.

2. Standing on the deck on a spring or autumn morning as the crisp, cool air fills your lungs and the sun warms your face.

3. When the early morning sky looks like a diamond and you know it’s going to be hot later on.

4. Pushing your feet into the cool corners of the sheets when you are warm in bed.

5. Wearing a silk slip.

6. The wash of relief and satisfaction when you sit down and put your tired feet up after an especially long walk.

7. Feeling the warmth of the winter sun soak through your shoulders.

8. The first whiff of green in the springtime.

9. The scent of autumn in the sunshine.

10. The way rain smells.

11. Sinking into a hot bath.

12. Cracking the skim of ice in a mud puddle with the heel of your boot.

13. Holding hands.

What are your small pleasures?

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